① New energy vehicle
In recent years, with the emergence of a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, the new energy vehicle industry has entered a phase of accelerated development. After years of continuous efforts, China's new energy vehicle industry has significantly improved its technology level, the industrial system has become more and more perfect, and the competitiveness of enterprises has been greatly enhanced, presenting a good situation of "double improvement" in market scale and development quality.

In particular, with the global goal of achieving "double carbon", the development of new energy has gained more attention as it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet the challenges of climate change and improve the global ecological environment. At the same time, through the country's cultivation of the entire industry chain of new energy vehicles over the years, all segments have gradually matured, and the abundant and diversified new energy vehicle products continue to meet the market demand, while the usage environment is gradually being optimised and improved.

From 2019 to 2022, the proportion of sales of pure electric vehicles will climb continuously. The New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035) proposes to strive to make pure electric vehicles the mainstay of new sales vehicles after 15 years of sustained efforts. Currently, pure electric vehicles are the main force of new energy vehicles sold in China. In the future, pure electric vehicles will become the main force of vehicles sold.

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 Two-charge pile

Global warming, fuel bans and worldwide concern for environmental issues have driven the booming electric vehicle industry. New energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, will be the main trend of future automotive development.

The performance of leakage current sensors, a key feature of EV charging piles, plays an important role in solving vehicle range problems and charging safety issues.

Based on the demand for DC and AC leakage detection in charging posts, sinomags introduces the SFG-CPL series, a digital output leakage current sensor that complies with IEC62752 and IEC62955 standards.

The SFG-CPL series is a new Type B leakage protection solution, which not only covers the performance specifications of the current type A or type A + 6 mA_DC / 30 mA _AC, but also achieves an accuracy of 1 mA over the full temperature range, providing a better option for the development of leakage protection for charging piles.

In addition to charging piles, the product range can also be applied to IC-CPD, household appliances and electrical equipment, providing users with a highly reliable leakage detection solution for safe electricity use.