①UPS application
Why is UPS so important

There is no doubt that electricity is one of the important conveniences that must be guaranteed in modern society.

Without it, there is almost nothing to work in the home and workplace. But what happens when the power supply is interrupted? The loss of equipment with normal functions at home and the loss of data at work are just two possible things.

UPS is usually used to protect hardware, such as computers, data centers, telecommunications equipment or other electrical equipment. Unexpected power interruption may cause injury, death, serious business interruption or data loss.

Clean energy is another big problem faced by computers. Clean power supply has correct voltage and frequency. Unclean power supplies can cause your computer to work inefficiently and components to deteriorate.

The circuit in the power device continuously monitors the voltage, and it can sense surges, spikes and power outages. Therefore, when the UPS detects an electrical problem, it will switch to the AC power generated by the battery.

Therefore, we need a current sensor that can measure current very accurately and respond to any small changes in current and intensity in a very short time.

The Sinomags current sensor has a step response time of 50 microseconds at the noise level above 0~3 MHz.
The system using our technology can provide clean power. No matter where you are, no matter where your power comes from, your equipment, your data will have a high level of quality, performance and appropriate price.

The high level of quality assurance and the 99.9% test conducted in the temperature range of - 40 ° C to 125 ° C as well as the packaged module structure ensure that the Sinomags current sensor can be used outdoors in high humidity, rain and snow.

② Power grid application
In people's consciousness, sensors are widely used in automotive, industrial automation, aerospace technology, military engineering, new energy and other fields, the power sector is rarely involved.

Nowadays, sensors can be found not only in smart grids, but they are also expected to be the largest user of sensors in smart grids. Most of the costs required to establish a smart grid will have to be spent on the terminal power distribution system and the smart grid on the power facilities terminal information system, network security hardware and software construction, a large part of the investment in sensor networks above, directly driving the sensor market.

With their high frequency response, low cost and full range of measurements, the STB-LF series and STK-BS series are widely used in power applications such as SVG and APF.
Article origin: Analysis of sensor technology in smart grid (chinapower. com. cn)